I will make you and your business look really good

Like the Professional you are

Your brand is You

Having great images represents
you in the best of ways

I am here to provide you with an awesome and empowering experience that we call a Personal Branding Session.

We tailor this to your needs and your wishes and build you a set of images that will help you sell your business and yourself in the professional market today.

This session is great for the job seeker, having a variety of images for different types of jobs, or for the person that needs to be in control of how media portrays them. Happy news? Or sad news? Make sure you have the appropriate image to go with the message!

Or Maybe for the different messages in social media that will signal that you take your business seriously enough to have professional portraits of your self.

Personal Branding

Are you ready to have that pro-portfolio at your disposal for all the different needs in your professional life?

Your files comes in both print and web solution.

I will help you with all the different formats you need.


The consultation

Hair and make up stylist

Photo shoot

Something bubbly in your glass

A personal viewing session of your images


1800:- per DIGITAL FILE

(excl vat/moms)

Starting at:


(excl vat/moms)


Digital packages




Fully edited images

Fully edited images

Fully edited images




Step by step



We do a consultation before your shoot and go over the needs you have and how you want to be photographed. We will plan your outfits and backgrounds.

Maybe you want to include a look that is more personal for private use, for my female clients this could be a fabulous dress or maybe you want do a sexy lingerie shot?



On the day of the shoot, My Makeup Artist will make you look fabulous and this photo session give you a wide variety of looks and expressions that shows you off in the most professional way and is perfect to use in everything from webpages, to Linked In, to articles and social media etc..





The viewing

The shoot

Your purchased pictures will be professionally retouched and every image is edited with upmost love and care.

I will guide you through a variety of poses that is showing all your best angles and gives you many images to choose from. It is my job to make you amazing in your portraits, you just follow along for the ride.

A couple of weeks after your photo shoot we will have a viewing session together in person or via Zoom where you get to experience the results from your photo session. This is when you order the images you want and need in your professional life.

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Fine art portraits

For families, for friends, for your children or maybe just for you. Because you´re worth it.

A very special photoshoot that will create unique images for you to love and for generations to cherish.