Martina Warenfeldt


I am glad to have you here in my world of portraits. I have been a portrait photographer for over 20 years and I have won multiple international awards for my portraits. I am living my dream of creating beautiful images. Connection is the key when creating with people and  I  love to connect with my clients and to give them not only the experience of the amazing shoot but many times there is something else happening, like self growth and self love and that is just awesome and gives me such joy and love in my heart.


  I do believe that everybody deserves beautiful portraits, and of course I am biased.. but I want to give that to you. A beautiful shoot that brings the amazing YOU out and to create the portraits you dreamed of.


I am a woman, a wife and a mom, I know the importance of pictures. And I know that I want to look good in my own pictures. So naturally I want to do the same for my clients. Our pictures will outlive us and for generations to come, those pictures will be very important and loved. Even if you have feared the camera in the past, it is time you exist in photographs. Let me create pictures YOU will love.


Please Get in Touch with me or give me a call so we can start planning your amazing photo session.

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